MIMO(Multi-Input Multi-Output) Project

2013.11.06 14:46

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This research develops reliable service platform for heterogeneous computing devices based on the intention and condition of users. This platform is the original technology which enables the coherent user experience through exchange and production of various services. Also, this platform is capable of information sharing between separate devices according to current contexts after automatically recognizing current situations of each users in kind of situation where multiple users hold multiple devices. In order to develop the media services platform, this research develops following 3 internal technologies. First, it defines and designs the model of representation of sharing information according to user’s current contexts. Second, it develops the information exchange technology among multiple devices. Third, it models the level of reliability of information and develops the information sharing platform that applies this information reliability model.

The SISO & MIMO Overview


Our Contents Sharing and Adaptation Framework Architecture


Concept Diagram of Contents Adaptation Framework


Module Diagram of User Adaptive Contents Transformation


Process of User Adaptive Contents Transformation