Papers in 2013

International Journal

Divya Udayan J. 


Modeling and Verification of Aircraft Stability ControllerAICWIC 2013, Proc. Published in International Journal of Computer Applications, No.1, pp:1-5, 2013. 

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Jun Lee, Jee-In Kim. Fractal Based Method on Hardware Acceleration for Natural Environments, Journal of Convergence, Vol 04, No.03, pp:6-12, 2013. 

Mingyu Lim, HyungSeok Kim, "Dynamic Configuration of Server Processes for Load Balancing in Client-Server Systems," International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology (IJACT), Vol. 5, No. 15, November 30, 2013, pp.112-119. (SCOPUS)

Mingyu Lim, "Adaptation of Content Transmission for Social Network Systems," International Journal of Information Processing and Management (IJIPM), Vol. 4, No. 6, September, 2013, pp.60-67. (SCOPUS)

Mingyu Lim, Yunjin Lee, "Simulation Model of Object Movement for Evaluating Communication Load in Networked Virtual Environments," Journal of Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9, No. 3, September, 2013, pp. 489-498. (SCOPUS)  

SungKyun Kim, Yang Na, Jee-In Kim, Seung-Kyu Chung, “Patient specific CFD models of nasal airflow: overview of methods and challenges”, Journal of Biomechanics, 46(2), pp. 299-306, 2013, SCI

S. Lee, J. Lee, A. Lee, N. Park, S. Lee, S. Song, A. Seo, H. Lee, J-I Kim, K. Eom " Augmented reality intravenous injection simulator based 3D medical imaging for veterinary medicine " VETERINARY JOURNAL ELSEVIER SCI LTD 196 pp.197-202 2013.05.01

Domestic Journal

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim. 

 Architectural Analysis of Context-Aware System in Pervasive Computing Environment , Journal of the HCI Society of Korea, Vol 08, No.01, pp: 11-17, 2013 (KCI Index).

International Conference

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Jun Lee, Jee-In Kim, Keetae Kim. Multi-Level Information Representation Based LOD Streaming for Urban Navigation, IEEE ISUVR 2013.07, pp: 30-33 (Best Paper Presentation Award)

JunSang Lee, HyungSeok Kim, SangOk Koo, Hyun-A Park. Study on Recovery Motion of Human Character (ICCCT 2013)

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Jun Lee, Jee-In-Kim. Fractal Based Hardware Accelerated Technique for Graphical RenderingFutureTech Conference, pp: 205-212, 2013

Go Eun Heo, Anna Seo, Rog Eun Kim, Sung Won Kim and Sung Kyun Kim, “Experimental and numerical investigations on the flow field inside preand post-surgery”, International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV13), 2013

Jisun Jun, Jun Lee, SangOk Koo, Jee-In Kim, HyungSeok Kim, “A Framework for Adaptation of 3 Dimension Gesture based Interaction”, ISUVR, 2013.06

WonJong Kim, Jun Lee, Anna Seo, Jee-In Kim, HyungSeok Kim and KiDong Eom, “A Haptic Simulator of Veterinary Surgery Based on Virtual Reality”, ISUVR2013, 2013.7.11.

Hanna Lee, Jun Lee, JiSun Jun, Jee-In Kim, HyungSeok Kim, Seungchel Kaun, Muwook Pyeon, Hanku Lee “An Adaptive Meeting Management System for Heterogeneous Devices”, ICISA, 2013.06

Jun Lee, Jee-In Kim, MinGyu Lim, HyungSeok Kim and Sungjun Park, “Resolving conflicts in collaborative editing for efficient level design of a game map”, The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information Technology and Sensor Application, In Proceeding of AITS 2013, 2013.8

Domestic Conference

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim. Ontology of 3D Visualization for Urban NavigationHCI 2013, pp: 149-152, Jan, 2013

BoYu Gao, HyungSeok Kim. Parametric Surface for Sketch-based Editing

HCI 2013, pp: 140-142, Jan, 




BoYu Gao, SangOk Koo, HyungSeok Kim, Editing 3D shapes based on multiple strokesKCC 2013, pp: 1088-1090, June, 2013. (Best Paper Presentation Award)

Sang Ok Koo, HyungSeok Kim, Soon Ki Jung, "Circle-chain Representation based Glyph Deformation", Korea Computer Graphics Society 2013 Conference, June 2013.

Sang Ok Koo, HyungSeok Kim, "Facial Information based Video Visualization", Convergent & Smart Computing workshop, pp: 130-133, Dec 05-07, 2013.

BoYu Gao, HyungSeok Kim, "Animation Creation from Multiple Strokes", Convergent & Smart Computing workshop, pp: 90-93, Dec 05-07, 2013.

Vu Tien-dung, Sang Ok Koo, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, "Mapping of Freehand Gestures on Mouse Gestures for controlling Web Browsing Interface", Convergent & Smart Computing workshop, pp: 82-85, Dec 05-07, 2013.