Ancient Volcano In Yogyakarta

2020.01.25 09:32

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Ancient Volcano in Yogyakarta named Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is

surely an ancient volcano located in village of

Nglanggeran, Patuk, distric of Gunungkidul. This tourism destination is regarded as the favourite ecotourism in Yogyakarta.

This Nglanggeran area offers three destinations to see.

They are ancient volcano of Nglanggeran, a pond of Nglanggeran, and Kedung Kandang

waterfall. Visitor should make use of a private car since no

riding on the bus reached the


According to geologists this ancient volcano was an active volcano some tens of millions in years past.

This active volcano was laid in sea bed and rose as a result of geological phenomenon. In time this volcano's lava channel was blocked made

this volcano inactive. However, the lava flow made its new direction towards the north. This new channel giving birth of a new

volcano named Merapi. Merapi volcano is an engaged

volcano in Yogyakarta. This vulcanic activity is

probably going at top level in a duration of a few years. The last most destructive

eruption was at 2010.

The peak of Nglanggeran ancient volcano is named Gedhe.

The height is 700 meters above seal level. To reach this peak visitor must climb the

volcano with the extreme track. The slope of the track will be as high as 45 degree.

Visitor's stamina has to be at his highest level.

At this peak visitor can enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Visitor can also use a camp using the rented tent.

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