Prambanan temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia. It's position is in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta city. It is very near to Yogyakarta's Airport (Adisucipto Airport) and can be reach less than thirty minutes by car from the airport. Meanwhile in case of visitor came from city center then it takes an hour to arrive at the temple.

To enter this temple guests should spend USD 25 per person (year 2019). The temple complex contains so many temples with the greatest one lies in the center which is also the primary temple. This central temple contains Lingga-Yoni statue with Shiva sculpture as the Lingga. Surrounding this central temple there are smaller temples containing sculpture of Parwati, Ganesha, and Agastya. Each temple is engraved with beautiful reliefs portraying Hindu tales on the outer walls. The myth says this temple was built in only one night by Bandoeng Bondowoso and his Djinn army. This myth is popular among the public in the area. At 2006 a massive earthquake destroyed a piece of this temple. A portion of the shattered parts can be reestablished yet some don't. Visitor can see the leftover of the temple which cannot be restored.

Close to Prambanan temple there are other Hindu temples. They are Kalasan temple, Barong temple, Ijo temple, Boko temple, and Plaosan temple. All of them have their particular architectural design. If you have some times, then you may visit some of these temples in a one day visit.

Subsequent to exploring this temple, visitor may also play traditional archery called jumparingan. Playing traditional archery with Prambanan at the backdrop will be an amazing moments for visitors.

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