Lava Tour Merapi

2020.02.19 03:22

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Lava Tour Merapi is easily the most popular tourist destination nowadays. This can be seen considering the variety of agencies include this destination inside their tour package. In fact for many travelers who came to Yogyakarta can make Lava Tour Merapi as his or her priority to visit.

In 2010 the eruption of Merapi brings sorrows to many people residents. It burns on the villages, kill a lot of villagers, and moves these to the outdoors zone of danger. However, now the eruption leaves possiblity to grow their tourism potential. It draws visitor to determine the impact of the disaster as well as the to see the attractive yet mighty Merapi. The visitor may even see doing this using a tour name Lava Tour Merapi.

To see the amazing Merapi from near, visitor can rent a jeep with driver. Visitor may also rent a trail motorbike. However, many visitor tend to choose jeep since it contains 4 passengers. With the road condition the best choice vehicle is often a jeep.

Visitor may choose some options of the approach to explore. The route choices:

1. Short route
2. Medium route
3. Long route

These short, medium, and long route refer to the space of the route. The longer the path the longer time of the tour. And for the sunrise route is simply a short route but is held with the morning hours. This is the most suitable option if visitors need to explore Merapi and also take pleasure in the sunrise. In addition following the sunrise tour visitors may continue the subsequent tour with long spare. For example after exploring sunrise tour visitor can visit Borobudur, Ulen Sentalu Museum, Sultan Palace, Prambanan temple, etc..

One of the destination to visit is Mini Museum. This museum was a house of the villager. But, the Merapi eruption burned down the entire place leaving nothing remain. Visitor may see the burnt cattle, motorcycle, and car.

The 'alien rock' is just a big rock thrown from peak of Merapi. Before the eruption, the place was a village. However todays there is nothing but flat land with the settlement burried below the sand. Can you imagine the power of the blast blowing this huge stone? The next spot is the Bunker Kaliadem. This bunker is a shelter to hide from hot clouds. However, this shelter is not built to stand the hot lava. When Merapi erupted a volunteer died since he was trapped inside the bunker.

If you need to have a little fun with water splash, then you need to try to visit Kalikuning. Kalikuning is a river with the upstream is coming from Merapi. The water is very fresh and clean and never got dry even in the dry season. Hold tight the grip as the jeep driver cuts the water. You may need a spare of clothes to change.

Here are some tips for visiting Lava Tour Merapi:

1. Lava Tour Merapi is an off-road tour so you need to be fit and healty. Pregnant women should not participate this tour.
2. Carry a spare shirts since you may get wet.
3. In the dry moonson the dry sand will be a serious trouble. Dusty air may contain volcanic dust. Use mask to keep dust from entering your respiration.
4. You may leave your belonging in the safe place. Leave your bags inside your car. Only bring your survival kit or phone. The off-road tour will strongly shake your body and may drop your belonging. Keep them close to you.
5. Merapi volcano is so populated with visitor during high season, then you may not recognize your rented jeep. Always remember your rented jeep so you don't mistaken with other jeep. You may memorize the license number of the jeep or just take a picture of it.

Happy riding!