Papers in 2012

International Journal

Jun Lee, 

Mingyu Lim, Jee-in Kim, and HyungSeok Kim, Supporting fine-grained concurrent tasks and personal workspaces for a hybrid concurrency control mechanism in a networked virtual environment, Presence, 21(4), Nov. 2012 (SCI)

Mingyu, Lim, Jun Lee, Jee-in Kim, and HyungSeok Kim, Dynamic Adjustment of the Update Frequency of Manipulation Events for Heterogeneous Devices in Collaborative Virtual Environments, Advanced Science Letters, 9, pp. 677-682, Apr. 2012 (SCIE)

Mingyu Lim, Hyeonwoo Jeong, Yunkyung Choi, Hanku Lee, Doohyun Kim, "Replication of Personal Contents Following a User with Personalized Access History and Schedule," Advanced Science Letters, Vol.9, April 30, 2012, pp.671-676. (SCIE)

International Conference

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Mu Wook Pyeon. Collimation Using Transparent Projection Screen for Augmented Environment HUDs, In proceedings of the Sixth International conference on Collaboration Technologies, pp: 94-99, Japan, 2012. 

Jun Lee, Sungjun Park, Mingyu Lim, Jee-in Kim and HyungSeok Kim, Resolution of conflicts in asynchronous collaborations for designing a dynamic virtual environment, in Proceedings of CASA 2012 (Short Paper), pp. 66-69, Singapore, May. 2012

YoungSeok Ahn, Jun Lee, Woohyon Kim, Jee-In Kim, Wook Chang, HyungSeok Kim, A Slim Hybrid Multi-Touch Tabletop Interface with a High Definition LED Display and Multiple Cameras, in proceedings of IEEE ICCE 2012, Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 2012 (Received Special Merit Award for outstanding papers)

Hanna, Lee, Jun Lee, Jee-in Kim and HyungSeok Kim, A Framework for Adapting Content of Social Network Services for Heterogeneous Devices, in proceedings of IEEE ICCE 2012, Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 2012

Domestic Conference

이주영조수호김형석모바일증강현실을 이용한 스마트 오브젝트 어플리케이션 개발, KCC 2012, June, 2012, Korea (우수논문)

Jooyoung Lee, HyungSeok Kim, Jung-Hun Woo, Air Quality Sensor management system using mobile Virtual reality, KHCI2012, Jan, 2012 (in Korean Text)

Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim , Architectural Analysis of Context-Aware System in Pervasive Computing Environments, KHCI2012, Jan, 2012

KyeongHoon Park, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, Shell & Fin based Real-Time Fur Simulation with Flexible Wet Fur Expression Control, KHCI 2012(in Korean), Jan, 2012 (in Korean Text)