Papers in 2015

International Journal

Jun Lee, Mingyu Lim, SungJun Park, HyungSeok Kim, Heedong Ko and Jee-In Kim, Approximate resolution of asynchronous conflicts among sequential collaborations in dynamic virtual environments, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Article first published online: 4 JUL 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/cav.1669, SCI/IF:0.463


Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, Keetae Kim, "Semantic Rendering Based on Information Hierarchy for Urban Navigation", Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, Vol. 9, No. 2L, pp:493-504, 2015. (SCOPUS)


YoungSeok Ahn, Jun Lee, HyungSeok Kim and Jee-In Kim, “A Slim and Large Tabletop Interface”, Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, SCI(E)/IF:1.232, 9, No. 2L, pp:543-551, 2015


Divya Udayan J, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, "An Image Based Approach to the Reconstruction of Ancient Architecture by Extracting and Arranging 3D Spatial Components", Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering , SCIE/IF:0.415, 16(1):12-27, 2015.


Mingyu Lim, "Improving the Architecture of Communication Middleware for Social Networking Services," International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications, Vol. 9, No. 11, 25-42, 2015. (SCOPUS)


Mingyu Lim, HyungSeok Kim, Yunjin Lee, "A Distributed Stylization Mechanism for Line Extraction Process of a 2D Image," Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS), Vol.9, No.2L, 2015, pp. 471-481. (SCOPUS)


Yunjin Lee, Mingyu Lim, Yangchan Moon, "Application-level Communication Services for Development of Social Networking Systems," International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), Vol.5, No.3, 2015. (SCOPUS)

International Conference

HyungSeok Kim, Towards Believable Experiences from Geometries, Invited Talk, 2015 Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, Songdo, Korea, 21-22. Aug. 2015. 

BoYu Gao, HyungSeok Kim, Hasup Lee, JooYoung Lee, Jee-In Kim, Use of Sound to Provide Occluded Visual Information in Touch Gestural InterfaceACM CHI 2015, pp. 1277-1282. 18-23 Apr, 2015, Seoul, South Korea.  

JooYoung Lee, Hasup Lee, BoYu Gao, Jee-In Kim, HyungSeok Kim, "Multiple Devices as Windows for Virtual Environment", IEEE VR 2015 Poster, pp. 219-220, 23-27 Mar, 2015, France. 

Domestic Conference

JunSang Lee, HyeonMin Kim, MinJu Kim, Hyun-A Park, HyungSeok Kim, "Non-Photorealistic Rendering Applied Semantic LOD"KHCI2015, pp: 1-6. (Best Paper Award) 

Yangchan Moon, Mingyu Lim, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, "A Prefetching system using order relation among video content", KHCI 2015, pp: 203-208. 

Wonjun Seong, BoYu Gao, Jooyoung Lee, Hasup Lee, HyungSeok Kim, Jee-In Kim, "Effect of Update Rate on Interaction Accuracy", KCC 2015. (Best Presentation Award) 

DongEon Lee, HyungSeok Kim, Jaeho Kim, Doheon Lee, "A Semantic Model for Massive MCMT Reaction Mechanism Visualization", KCC 2015. (Best Presentation Award)

JuneYoung Ahn, Jini Kwon, HyeJeong Nam, Jee-In Kim, "PetBuddy: A wearable based system for cognition and analysis of conditions and situations of a dog", KCC 2015.