Multiple Input & Multiple Output

3D Multimedia Contents Sharing among Multiple Devices

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Main purpose of the system is generating interactive 3-D virtual environment using multiple devices. Initial idea comes from making use of multiple device, which we can find in our daily lives, for generating immersive virtual environment, not using serious 3-D VR equipment, such as HMDs or CAVE. Consider their poses in 3-D environment, they act like conceptual windows which use can see VR world through them. Among the multiple devices, most important component is mobile device. According to user's movement, it senses poses of devices with its camera sensor and sends the information to main server. In the main server, it generates proper images to each device.

2D Multimedia Contents Sharing among Multiple Devices

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Considering current poses of each of device, it shows one 2-D multimedia contents over the screens. Main problems of this research are automatic detection of devices's pose and synchronization of each screen image. For the first, to acquire knowledge of poses of devices, we use vision-based approaches. Each device shows reference image on the screen before it begins and system estimates poses with those images. After getting pose information, system server starts streaming video to each of devices. Considering current bandwidth of the network and capability of devices, in main server, it adaptively resize the image for each device.


Jooyoung Lee, Hasup Lee, BoYu Gao, Jee-In Kim, HyungSeok Kim, “Multiple Devices as Windows for Virtual Environment“, In Proc. IEEE VR 2015 Poster, 2015.03, France.